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FJC has a full line of chilling equipment that will assist you in the strictest sanitary conditions, and bring down the temperature of your edible products. Giblet chillers are available in different sizes and models.

Our line of whole bird chillers also comes in different sizes and models. We offer paddle, auger and drag systems from 5 (1.52m) to 10 (3 m) in diameter. Red water recirculation systems in chiller application are one of the best methods for lowering the temperature of poultry products. Red water recirculation systems are ideal for savings and innovation when you are required to expand.

Ice and ice transportation is the traditional form of chilling your poultry product and almost a requirement in any processing facility. We offer you remote or self-contained icemakers for industrial use only, 10 tons and above. These units may be equipped for ammonia or freon refrigeration. Ice augers and positive air systems are also available for the labor savings and handling efficiency.


  • Auger Chillers

  • Drag Trough Chillers

  • Giblet Chillers

  • Ice Makers

  • Paddle Chillers

  • Recirculation Pumps

  • Records Systems

  • Red Water Systems

  • Thermometers