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FJC International is a United States Company located in one of the poultry capitals of the world, Gainesville, Georgia. FJC was founded in 1995 to serve the Latin American Poultry Industry. From the beginning, FJC is dedicated to offering the highest quality equipment, service and professionalism at a very competitive price. FJC offers a full range of equipment and complete turnkey operations for poultry processing plants.

FJC can supply your facility with a full line of poutlry & food processing equipment. Our line includes:
Cut-Up & De-boning
Transportation Systems

One of our successes in becoming a leader in our industry has been our knowledge and experience in all areas of the poultry processing plant. We can offer individual and complete turnkey facilities from 50 birds per hour to over 20,000 birds per hour. Every application is different and sometimes a complex series of analysis or specifications will be required. Poultry processing is definitely an art of its own kind, either you know it or you do not, we make a point to know it and practice it everyday. Our staff combined decades of experience, customer satisfaction and reputation speaks for itself. Modern poultry processing facility is usually divided into different areas. Our product line allows you to obtain the very best results in all areas from arrival through freezer.

FJC can assist in several semi-automatic and fully automated machines for every department in the processing's plant. Our product line is efficient and reliable, offering the best performance available in the processing wet and tough environment. Our knowledge of the process and equipment for optimal yields and the most sanitary results can be obtained with our line. If you are cutting the abdomen, eviscerating or transporting your viscera to chillers, FJC can provide the most advanced equipment available in the industry to achieve your goals. We have the latest technology, just ask us about one of our many new machines.

Digi Lube 422Maja GEA3421


  • Crate Washers
  • Flat Belt Conveyors
  • Killing Machines
  • Overhead Lubricators
  • Overhead Systems
  • Stunners (High Frequency)
  • Telescopic Piping
  • Unloading Platform
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  • Batch Pickers
  • Bleeding Trough
  • Blood Pumps
  • Blood Tanks
  • Chain and Shackle Washer
  • Feather Conveyors
  • Feet Cutters
  • Feet Unloader
  • Hock Cutters
  • Hock Pickers
  • Hock Unloaders
  • Picker
  • Picking Finger Installers
  • Picking Fingers
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  • Air Agitated Scalders
  • Air Scissors
  • Bird Unloaders
  • Eviscerating Trough
  • Giblet pumps
  • Gizzard Inspection Tables
  • Gizzard Processing Machine
  • Gizzard Washer
  • Inside Outside Bird Washers
  • Inspection Stands
  • Lung Guns
  • Material Handling
  • Neck Cutters
  • Neck Skin Cutters
  • Neck Skin Trimmer
  • Outside Bird Washers
  • Vacuum Holding Tanks
  • Vacuum Systems (Lungs)
  • Vent Cutting Machines
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  • Cone Lines
  • KFC cut-up Saws
  • Mechanical Deboners
  • Skinning Machine
  • Stainless Steel Tables
  • Three Piece Wind Cutter
  • Hopper Weighers
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  • Belt Conveyors
  • Box Conveyors
  • Chain and Shackles
  • Conveyors
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • I-Beam Conveyors
  • Idler Corners
  • I Beam
  • Intralox Conveyors
  • KVP Conveyors
  • Lance
  • Log Chain
  • Overhead Equipment
  • PVC Conveyors
  • Recirculating Pump
  • Overhead Conveyors
  • Roller Track Conveyors
  • Sanitary Tubing & Accessories
  • Shackles - various
  • Shackle Washers
  • Tote Conveyors
  • T-Track Conveyor
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