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In the food industry where the margins and profits are limited, the tendency is large volume production. Low margins means you must monitor yields very closely. Sizing, grading and classifying are accomplished in several different ways. For this reason, FJC can offer you modern and current systems for classification, distribution and bagging individually or in bulk meat products. We understand your need for accurate information and can offer you top quality in manual weighing, overhead systems, baggers, hopper weighers, belt weighers and real time inventory information. The performance of our systems continues to prove itself every day all over the Americas. It is extremely important that our systems are user friendly and accurate. Accuracy is one thing but efficiency is another.

In this new millennium, we are quite aware of the increasing use of terms like Assurance Control, Quality Management, HACCP and Return on your Investment. FJC is determined to assist you and offer you all the quality products in our line to accomplish your goals. It is so simple to have a minor problem somewhere along the processing line and convert your "A" grade bird to "B" or "C" grade birds. FJC is constantly looking for ways to improve your final product to obtain the best results. We can offer USA or Brazil, manufactured equipment that will meet your requirements.

  • Belt Weighing Systems
  • Bird Weighers
  • Drop Off Station
  • Electronic Check Weighers
  • Electronic Weighers
  • Electronic Weighing Scales
  • Filling Systems
  • Overhead Sizer
  • Portion Sizer
  • Receiving Bins
  • Sorter Systems
  • Spare Parts
  • Weighing Computers
  • Weigh-Tronix
  • Bag Loaders
  • Bagging Chutes
  • Bagging Machines
  • Bags/Enclosures
  • Bar Sealers
  • Clippers
  • CVP Systems
  • Giblet Wrappers
  • Parts Wrappers
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • O/K International
  • Portable Hot Plates
  • Sealing Machines
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Shrinking Equipment
  • Shrink Wrap Films
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Vertical Baggers